If you have any questions or suggestions, if you feel the need to talk about/share your girlfriend, or just to get freaky by showing off your private collection of porn: you know the address. Ladies can contact us for the following: tits, erotic stories, vaginal odors during periods, deep secrets, gossip, bad/painful stools or constipation after trying anal, conspiracies and, yes, more nudity!

And who knows, we might even find you important or attractive enough to reply! So mail us at, or feel free to make a comment, as you too have no life!

There’s only one thing we don’t like: complaints. Don’t contact us with any of your whining, seriously. We don’t like it. Except, ofcourse, when we’re the ones whining. And in any case, chance is we won’t even read it if you do try it.

But if you think we’re just a bunch of asshole turds, which we are, we’d like to hear it from you once. You are allowed to nag a limited number of times, and that number is one. Respect this one rule or else we’ll make you wish you were, let’s say… a zebra, a golden shower pornstar, Lindsay Lohan, toilet! So you can flush away the stink of filth within you as we shit upon thy!

… Nah we take it back, being Lindsay Lohan is way worse than being a toilet.



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